mandag den 23. maj 2011

roubaix classic

paris-roubaix 2011. any year would fit actually. this is paris-roubaix.

tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

vuelta revisited

at a bar close to alicante. la vuelta!

tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

rouleur issue 22

Four Danish artists produced four very different portraits on the art of time trialling to great effect, while top illustrator Richard Mitchelson has been locked away in his studio for months producing the gripping story of Marco Pantani’s early years.

The 4 artists are Jørgen Leth (filmmaker/poet), Morten Okbo (audiopoet/writer), perpetri (artist) and Jakob Kristian Sørensen (photographer).

And its quite a remarkable piece of work.

tirsdag den 27. april 2010


'whats that all about' i asked him and pointed at his nose. 'the nose' i said to make sure he understood me.

i had just arrived in the - even for a village - tiny place en route from the ronde.

he was in his own thoughts, not realising my interest in the band aid on his nose. he just passed me without paying attention.

'nice hair cut, champ' i yelled when he turned left, and kept going down the road.

fredag den 16. april 2010


photo by morten okbobo -
this guy. morten okbobo. he is my partner in crime. he writes mindblowingly well about women, europe and cycling. our shared interests. pay him a visit at and have a glance at the pics and a good story to go along with that.

its like the mayo for the fries in belgium. something good to go along with it.

summeren time - helmetless in arenberg

heading for studio 54

'get lost buddy' he answered me when i asked him how he kept saliva from splashing into his moustache. 'hey im sorry man!' i yelled at him when he drove away from the velodrome to the showers. it was like he didnt hear me.

lørdag den 10. april 2010

road trip to roubaix

kids preparing for the big sunday. saxoboy and a pinarello. cobblestones. angst & waiting in patience.

onsdag den 7. april 2010

ninove #4-7 - bbox wasteland

my most sincere recommendation

not only because la gazzetta writes about me. not only because of that! but - i will here in public - insistingly recommend the site la gazetta della bici. im telling you guys. its worth a trip!