onsdag den 22. juli 2009

bros on fire

today the schlex were on fire! just like the woman looking greedily at fränk. big congratulations for you fränk - and andy as well! see you tomorrow at the tt!


'faster, faster' he whispered. i could only hear because i was in the middle of the road.

1 volvo down - zero to go!

astana hillton - no hill top!

kenny 'the kenny' van hummel

mandag den 20. juli 2009

hotel torino

today we all rest. i did a few hours in a volvo. through the mont blanc tunnel and made it to aosta, italia. here i am at the bar in hotel torino. writing for cykelmagasinet.dk and uploading pictures. besides drinking pastis in the sun in a white shirt and black leather shoes. and a suit. a guy from napoli came and asked me for a cigarette at a cafeteria around noon. he later told me, that he used to be a dj at strip clubs in milano and napoli. but theres no strip clubs to be found in aosta. we agreed to meet later for a drink.


the best domestique in this world! monsieur sympatique! monsieur loyale! monsieur jens voigt!

skil shimano

fascination goes further than this. i mean. im a trained sushichef. i worked with japanese chefs for years. no - i worked under those guys - for years. the face of this guy when he arrived in verbier today reminded me of those sweet hard times in a japanese kitchen.

legs in verbier


today in verbier

garmin wipstream

francesco moser

a promise is a promise! here you go marina . il capo - francesco moser!

lørdag den 18. juli 2009

hincapie circus

russian victory

too quick?

anonymous quick step rider after todays stage. on his way to the team bus, he told me, that going down wasnt the most devastating part of a crash. getting up was much worse. i didnt have a clue what he meant, so i just firred my canon a few times.

lance in besancon

torsdag den 16. juli 2009

this guy!

today in vittel, a water carrier won the most beautiful victory. basta.

fredag den 10. juli 2009


and uncounted amount of serious men doing their job. in briancon.

'interdit' he yelled and crossed his arms. i ignored him since that is my weapon of choice when i meet the cops.

'interdit' he screamed and blew his whistle. with ringing tinnitus i moved forward and realized that he hadnt even seen me.

i stumbled over the fence to get to the astana bus, where the woman in high heels, striped dress and sweet fumes was trying to flirt an astana cap from a soigneur.

she still wears that cap when i visit her in copenhagen.

a straight line

dauphiné libéré 2009 - rehearsing for the tour - i went in a small car to the town of briancon. i went with a woman dressed up in high heels, a red striped dress and sweet fumes.

with blue mountains in the mirrors of a very small car, we almost flew back to lyon and a hotel room.

torsdag den 2. juli 2009

//velo// - exhibition opening this week

my exhibiton 'velo' opens this saturday at café englen, århus.

10 dramatic moments.

pro cycling.

blood, tears and womit.

exposed to the public eye.

onsdag den 1. juli 2009


in the next issue of the danish cykelmagasinet i will publish 'a story from paris-roubaix' along with my photos from the race.
also i will have a series - made up with my partner in crime - monsieur okbo. its called '3 spring classics' and covers paris-roubaix, amstel gold race and liège-bastogne-liège
2009. Get it in your local bike shop!


here a young saxo-boy plays football while he patiently waits for the riders in compiegne. depart. prs_rbx_2009