tirsdag den 22. september 2009

velodrome sarajevo

on my trip through europe i stayed for 2 weeks in my apartment in sarajevo. from the living room you can see the velodrome. i've had this apartment for 3 years. the velodrome is almost undamaged by the wars. its made from concrete and steel.

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  1. are we switching apartments soon? i'm sick of genève and mayor mugny and calvinists who think ww2 isn't over. you can't even get EL PAIS on rue de matetrix now?
    but you always liked the place. pascal was right, i think.

    i miss the wolne miasto. i miss gdansk. i'm thinking this winter. oh, did you hear lukasz miecznikowski is in the kitchen now?

    see you, old friend. m

  2. good to hear from you m!

    you see, i heard from pavlova that he was back behind the stove. i always knew that he couldnt do withou the kick of adrenaline going through his veins! and im happy that he chose what he did. the war was hard on him too!

    about the apartment. i wont be back in sarajevo before spring. you - of all - know how i feel about the balkan in the days of darkness. so you are welcome to stay there all you want. i left the key at the barber shop downstairs. he knows your ugly face so it will be no problem to get it from him. just remember to bring him a bottle of genever, grappa or what ever you feel like. he loves that shit. as long as its strong!

    im passing through switzerland the first week of november and would love to stay in your place in johannisberg. i always appreciated our nights there even though i dont remember much from them.

    for now!



  3. haha! remember ekimov at the cultural attache-exchange?

    my friend. suzanna has an x-tra key at the department of justice but i'll leave mine at the embassy in case.

    what's with tom these days. no work at l'equipe more?

    good travels.


  4. dear m, it seems like you have forgotten what happened between eki and i?

    well - to me - it means nothing today, but i know that his anger darkens the village he now considers his home. you and i, we both know what went down, and indeed what went up! same story at the funeral, but i guess you already heard?

    i will pick up the key at the embassy, it gives me a chance to have a talk with martzyn. he has a project that i need to hear more about.

    while you are in mendrisio i will cover the training of zabels jungen in the velodrome here in berlin. i stay in prinzregentenstr. 56, 6th floor if you happen to be around before the 9th of oct. after that my apt. in Fehrbellinerstr. is back to normal again. i always prefered east-berlin, and i look forward to be back.

    say hi to mauro and isabella!