mandag den 5. april 2010

ronde van vlaanderen

more updates later..!

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  1. hola, my old friend,
    i see you went to vlanderen! but no stop in liège this time? i was there with catarina and monique for the weekend. could have used an extra hand.

    i'm back from south america now and will, if you like, drive down to compiegne next sunday for a late dinner?
    and where the hell is morten - still touring with his bullfighting photos?

    ciao, lukasz

  2. sure i went! and i would have come to liège if i had known you, catarina - and especially monique! - were there. now im back in dk to fill up my batteries before the hell in north.

    i will be in compiegne next weekend, so. please. we should meet et le croix saturday night? I allready have a table there for moten, per and i? did you ever meet per? we are bringing all the kids. they want to meet up with tom and the rest of patricks guys.

    see you there?

    ps. i will be in room 1204 at the hotel kamplinsky. but i guess you would figure that one out your self.



  3. Super super Photos always look forward to seeing more.


    La Gazzetta Della Bici

  4. ciao simon!

    thanks for the comment. i really like your site! uve got great style and taste! are you going to roubaix this weekend?


  5. ja. det er desværre nogle ret gode billeder. vi ses kl 12.00 i rockland, tager dine thulepjækkertter med?